Coffee makes you hoppy 


Sometimes at Pantry we make over 400 coffees per day! If you come in at 10am there may be a queue as our corporate people upstairs are robotized to come down at the same time every day for their daily fix.  Our head barista Courtney Buckland is always on task and makes sure that you get the best coffee every time.


We use Velo Espresso beans from Karajoz. They provide our coffee connoisseurs with a delicious Northern Italian taste profile - perfect for those who appreciate the fullness of a complex blend. Karajoz is an impressive 7-bean blend, with each origin adding flavor while remaining harmonious to the whole. This creates a unique taste right through the spectrum; beginning with acidity, followed by rich, thick, sweet and nutty chocolate notes in the middle,  and a strong finish that remains on the palate. Most New Zealand coffee roasters do not provide all of these tones, which is why we chose Karajoz and why our customers love our coffee.