Trusts & Estates

Trust & Estate Law

Our trust and estate planning service include:

  • advising on the establishment of trusts,
  • advising on the implementation of full asset ownership,
  • advising business structuring plans,
  • advising on optimising your after tax income,
  • advising on protecting your assets from creditors,
  • advising on protecting your assets from means testing,
  • drafting of wills,
  • estate and trust administration requirements.

In past years, Estate planning was thought of as making a will. While our law and life becoming more complex many people now consider a Family Trust an important part of estate planning.

The most common reasons for forming a Family Trust are:
  • Asset management
  • Gift for purposes
  • Protection of family assets from financial problem
  • Protecting family assets for the next generation
  • Protection of assets from Relationship Property claims
  • Income spreading is often attractive for accountants
  • Obtaining government subsidies

We want our clients to feel comfortable with their asset ownership structures and the future treatment of their property. Contact us to discuss your situation.


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